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Biff Moyer

biff plays violin w. guitar cartoon.png

Musician, Composer, Instructor, Soloist


A singing multi-instrumentalist for lots of years, Biff provides alternative folk, rock and ambient music online and in the state line area. He teaches and records out of his studio, at your location and also online.

He'll also join your ensemble / event on violin, guitar, vocals and bass, or as a one man band.


Tracks to listen by

Slide Guitar: Sherrie HidingTom Hanson
00:00 / 02:58
Violin & Elec. Guitar: Needle DropTom Hanson
00:00 / 03:26
Biff with the Reptile Palace Orchestra, Day Of The Dead concert, MMOCA
Violin: She Doesn't Hear MeSquarewave
00:00 / 01:54
Violin SoloSting cover by Mark Hervey
00:00 / 01:09
Lead Vocal: It's Not UnusualThe Gomers
00:00 / 02:48
Dennis Quaid, ViolinsMark Hervey
00:00 / 03:46
Vox & Vln: Zappa, Advance RomanceThe Furious Bongos High Noon Saloon 5-11-2018
00:00 / 06:48
Violin: Grammy Winner PerihelionAl Jewer & Andy Mitran
00:00 / 06:33
Giusevska RacenitsaMando, Bass, Violin: Green Lime Dog
00:00 / 04:17
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